Four Tools to Encourage Volunteerism for Your Association

Volunteers play an essential role for any association. They have the inside scoop on the industry, they are present to hear the needs of members, and in the end, have a strong role in most association programs. However, good volunteers don’t just appear out of thin air. It is up to the staff of the association to build an encouraging environment for them. Below are four blogs that encourage the importance of volunteerism for your association.

4 Qualities in a Valuable Volunteer

Valuable volunteers make all the difference in your association, once you have one you will do anything to make sure they stick around. But good volunteers can sometimes be hard to find…or so we tell ourselves. Maybe we just aren’t looking for the right combination of qualities that make someone a valuable association volunteer. Read more.

Set Up for Success: Making the Most of Your Volunteers

Volunteer forces are the competitive advantage that associations have against their for-profit competitors. They’re what makes us unique and they drive what we can accomplish. The opportunities we provide for volunteers and the way we utilize them is the key to our success. Make the most out of the volunteers you have and the results will be beyond worth it. Read more.

Success with Leading Volunteers

RGI recently released a full e-book on how to be a successful leader for your volunteers. Great volunteers get things done, while great leaders get more people involved. It’s wonderful to be a great volunteer; everyone needs more great volunteers, but great leaders make everyone around them more successful. Read more.

3 Ways Volunteer Leadership Creates Opportunity for Your Members

Just as you cannot climb a mountain by only reading about it, you cannot build a strong association when members are only engaged enough to simply skim the monthly magazine or newsletter. Rather, it is essential to develop leadership opportunities to welcome members to engage with the association. These opportunities are just as important to members’ professional development as they are to the success of the association, as members rely on the opportunities created for them to build networks, strengthen skills, and allow them to contribute to their communities. Read more.

As you build your volunteer program, use these free resources and think about how valuable those strong volunteer experiences are for your association. For even more association volunteer content, click here.