Top 10 Viewed Blogs of the Year

We have compiled our most viewed blogs into a collection. These topics range from committee dynamics, brainstorming techniques, member appreciation and more.

5 Benefits of Brainstorming

Are you trying to figure out how to improve a system or aspect of your association? Brainstorming could be your answer. A brainstorming session is a meeting where leadership can get together and come up with ideas on a certain topic or issue. It’s all about getting creative thoughts flowing without shooting down anyone’s ideas. Read More

4 Quick Tips on Running a Committee Meeting

Running an effective committee meeting is not something any committee chair should take lightly. Like you, your committee members have volunteered their time, energy, and expertise. As the committee chair, you are not only responsible for the goals defined by the board of directors, but also for keeping your committee members engaged and active. Read more

Which Comes First, the Budget or the Plan?

It’s an old adage: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I admit to not knowing that answer, but in this blog, I will answer which comes first regarding an association budget and strategic plan. Every year, your finance team (be it staff, volunteers or a combination of both) prepares a draft budget and brings it forward to a designated group of leaders for approval. How can you be more prepared to present this budget? Read more

5 Ways to Implement Successful Mobile App at Your Next Event

There’s nothing better than wrapping up an event with a feeling of success. I mean, what is the point of all the hard work and months of planning if there isn’t at least some success story to be told? Read more

8 Quick Ways to Show Your Members Appreciation

Members are at the core of everything you do as an association professional. Whether those members are individuals, companies, or even other associations, they drive everything you do. Showing consistent appreciation for the time, talent and treasure members share with your association is key to getting and keeping them engaged as well as helping them to see how their membership in the association is beneficial. Read more

5 Keys to Brainstorming the First Step in Long-term Strategy

Staying in a reactionary mode does not allow your organization to take advantage of the opportunities that exist. It’s an easy enough statement, but where do you start? A brainstorming session could be your answer. Read more

I’m a Committee Chair, Now What? 3 Tips for Success

Congratulations, you are running a volunteer committee for your organization! You have a great opportunity to make a meaningful contribution… if you can figure out where to start. Serving as a volunteer committee chair is both an honor and a huge undertaking. Read more

5 Ways to Deal with a Bully Board Member

If you’ve worked with volunteer boards long enough, either as a professional or as a volunteer, you have certainly had to deal with this on some level — the bully board member. Hindsight is 20/20, so how could you have avoided ending up with this person on your board? And once they’re there, how do you deal with them? Read more

4 Ways to Empower Your Volunteers

Our volunteers provide expertise, knowledge, experience, and wisdom to the association and its staff. As chief staff leaders, we must always be mindful that volunteers want to be a valued part of the organization. Part of being valued is being empowered. Read more

4 Elements of Successful Long-term Planning

One of the essential jobs of the Board of Directors is to prepare its organization and its members for the future. Keeping ahead of industry trends is not an easy task and turning that information into an actionable plan is even harder. However, by committing to the hard work of long-term planning, you will set your organization and those you serve up for success. Read More