4 Quick Tips on Running an Effective Committee Meeting

Running an effective committee meeting is not something any committee chair should take lightly. Like you, your committee members have volunteered their time, energy and expertise. As the committee chair, you are not only responsible for the goals defined by the board of directors, but also for keeping your committee members engaged and active.

A solid foundation can ensure your meetings run effectively and efficiently, a key element to keeping volunteers motivated. Here are some quick tips to get you started:

Committee Charge – Clearly define the charge of the committee, including its purpose, structure, responsibilities and limitations. Knowing what you can’t do is just as important as knowing what you can.

Agendas – Always have a meeting agenda. This will ensure you stay on topic and stay on time. Volunteers’ time is important, so having a set agenda can help a meeting run smoothly and ensure all important topics are covered.

Goals – If there are key items you must accomplish during your committee meeting, add them to the agenda. This gives the group a mutual goal to work towards. Goals will give the committee direction and purpose, which will keep members motivated and engaged.

Action Items – Close out your meeting with a list of action items and assignments that need to be completed before the next meeting. Adding someone’s name to a task has a tendency to drive them to get it completed. It’s important to use action items between meetings to continue moving towards the committee’s goals.

Following these easy suggestions can help you run more effective committee meetings that increase engagement and produce results.