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Membership 1-2-3

Is your membership flat or lagging? The knee-jerk reaction is to come up with a brilliant plan to fix your recruitment problem. But the fact is recruitment is only one factor in the equation.

Picture your organization’s membership program as a three-legged stool. To fully support your program, all three legs need equal attention. When one of the legs becomes disproportionately weighted, the overall value of membership becomes less stable. So what are the three components of a sustainable membership program?

Your Recruitment Plan: “Why should I join?”

For most membership organizations, recruiting new members is core to survival. Even if you’re goal isn’t necessarily growth, new members are essential to at least counter natural attrition. A sustainable recruitment strategy is not solely about setting the magic price and giving your members the right discounts. It’s about continually asking and answering the right questions.

Your Retention Plan: “Why should I stay?”

Attrition is a fact of life. Even to merely maintain the status quo, a focus on retention is a must. Some questions to consider when evaluating your retention:

Structure: “How easy and inviting is it to be a member?”

The way you set up and execute your membership program, both internally and externally, has a tremendous impact on recruiting and retaining members. Consider these questions when reviewing your organization’s membership structure:

Keep these three legs in focus to better support your membership program, but recognize they don’t tell the whole story. For more information and tips, make sure to download our newest eBook, Membership Development in Focus, next week.