How to Capitalize on Your Social Media Efforts – Three Ideas to Consider

If you could take a quick look at our association’s social media calendar, you’d see a variety of planned content. For example: what events are happening, new jobs posted on the website, and thank you to sponsors. What might not be so evident are the marketing strategies to capitalize on your social media efforts’ benefit to your organization. Here are three ideas for your consideration:

  1. Instead of just sharing your news, be sure to celebrate with your members.

Keep an eye on your members’ social media feeds for award announcements, completed projects, press releases, reports, or product launches. Tools such as saved searches can make this task easier. If your social media policy allows, amplify their message by sharing, commenting, or liking. Are you looking for content for a newsletter or blog post? Take an extra step and reach out and invite that member to share more specific details.

  1. Social media does not have to be a staff-only function.

Recruiting members as social media volunteers is a great way to bring a unique perspective to messages. It creates a volunteer role that can be done on a flexible schedule, and extends the resources of the communications staff. If you’d like to implement a volunteer social media position, a good task to start with is creating social media posts for each of your event speakers. Once you have a template, the specific details, session title, and speaker bio can be updated for each post. If needed, have the volunteer save their work so it can be reviewed before being posted online.

  1. Use social media analytics to your advantage.

You may have a good idea of your members are, but what are the demographics of those engaging with your social media content? Is your content drawing interest from an unexpected group? Each social media platform has its own analytics tools but don’t forget the analytics available through your website. Learn from what topics are drawing interest as well as who is sharing your content regularly.

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