5 Blogs to Prepare Your Association for 2020

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, 2020 is right around the corner. Now is the time to start thinking about what changes you and your association want to make for the new year. If you wait much longer to start planning, January will be upon us and strategy and planning will turn into simply trying to stay afloat. Below are 5 blog posts that will help best prepare your association to be effective and run smoothly in 2020.

Sacred Or Strategic: Critically Reviewing What Your Organization Offers

How do you approach an event, program or service that your organization has always done and may no longer need? Every organization has programs/services that have outlived their purpose or usefulness – the so-called “sacred cows.” As a board member, you must think and act strategically to best serve your organization.  Read more.

Turning Your Strategic Plan Into Strategic Action

Through our work leading strategic planning for membership-based organizations of all sizes, one of the most common challenges organizations face is making the plan “real” after the strategic planning retreat concludes. Read more.

5 Tips For Volunteer Recruitment

The time has come to fill a vacant volunteer role (or roles). Where do you start to find a quality volunteer? This post will give you a starting point to effectively use your time to recruit members into volunteer roles. Read more.

Which Comes First: The Budget Or The Plan?

It’s an old adage: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I admit to not knowing that answer, but in this blog, we will answer which comes first regarding an association budget and strategic plan. Read more.

The Membership Engagement Ladder

A membership engagement ladder could be the missing piece to your membership recruitment, engagement, and retention. But what is it? In an ideal world, someone who knows nothing about your association can move straight into membership after one interaction. Unfortunately, that’s not how the majority of professionals make their decisions. An engagement ladder is an idea of walking someone through steps that will eventually lead to membership. Read more.

2020 is quickly approaching. Start off the new year on the right track using our free strategic planning e-book: How to Prevent Your Strategic Plan From Failing.