5 Tips for Volunteer Recruitment

The time has come to fill a vacant volunteer role (or roles). Where do you start to find a quality volunteer? This post will give you a starting point to effectively use your time to recruit members into volunteer roles.

Define the Role

The first step in recruiting a new volunteer is defining the role. This is especially important if the role has been filled by the same person for a long time, because it has likely evolved over time. This step needs to be completed before the opening is ever communicated to your membership. For someone to know if a role is a good fit for them it needs to be clearly defined. Be sure to give a clear and concise description of the volunteer opportunity and expectations for it so members can know exactly what the position entails.


Once you define the role, utilizing a newsletter or member email is a great way to reach the masses of your membership. A member newsletter is an easy and effective way to communicate a blurb about the volunteer opening. From the blurb, you can place a link to the association website for more information. This is where the completely defined role information should live.

Provide Contact Info

Some people may feel more comfortable discussing the position with a staff  or board member prior to applying for a volunteer role. For this reason, it’s important to have a point of contact to answer any questions potential volunteers may have. There are opportunities to include this in the newsletter itself, as well as on the website.

Social Media

Sharing openings on social media can be an effective way to communicate with members where they are already spending some of their time. Members who may not open every email will have another chance to see the volunteer opportunity on social media. For this option, write a quick blurb about the opening and include a link to the full description on your website. Social media allows members to view the information for themselves as well as share the update and tag potential applicants for the position. A member may not think they fit the description for the role, but they may know another member who does.

Reach Out Directly

For some volunteer openings, you may have a member come to mind who may be a good fit. Along with promoting the position to the rest of membership, you can reach out directly to those you think may need to apply. Some people need a push to take a step towards leadership. A member may not feel qualified for a specific volunteer role, but if someone from your association reaches out and asks directly, it can give them the confidence to apply.

Recruiting a new volunteer doesn’t need to be difficult or stressful. With a little bit of planning and intentionality you will have a new volunteer in no time. Simply follow these tips to quickly find high quality volunteers.