2017 Recap: Our Most Popular Association Management Blogs

As 2018 begins, we want to take a moment to reflect on the trending topics in association management that shaped 2017. Here’s a look back at our top five blogs of 2017.

5. Five Tips to Running an Efficient Meeting

As an association leader, you need to be sure that meetings are an efficient use of your fellow volunteers’ time. Make sure your meetings are productive and effective by using these essential tips. Read more.

4. Board Training Checklist: Going Beyond the Orientation

Board orientations are crucial in ensuring that all board members are clear on their roles and responsibilities. Our board training checklist helps you build a better board that is engaged, active and in sync with the needs of your members. Read more.

3. Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Associations have evolved and no longer question the importance of social media; they now wonder how to ensure their efforts are generating results. How many likes did a certain post get? When is the best time to post to engage the largest percentage of your audience? You can find that out and more with free tools from each major social medium. Read more.

2. 5 Books Leaders Need

In case your 2018 resolution is to read more, our top recommendations from 2017 still resonate. Here are five books every association leader should put on their reading list. Read more.

..and our number one blog of the year:

1. 5 Ways to Deal With A Bully Board Member

If you’ve worked with volunteer boards long enough, either as a professional or as a volunteer, you have certainly had to deal with this on some level — the bully board member. Hindsight is 20/20, so how could you have avoided ending up with this person on your board? And once they’re there, how do you deal with them? Read more.

From all of us at RGI, we look forward to sharing more tips, resources and successes with you in 2018 to help your association thrive. What hot topics are on your organization’s radar this year?