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Want to Grow Membership? Ask Why

For membership-based organizations, one of the most common strategic goals is to grow membership. Around the board table, at staff meetings, and among members, there is always much discussion on what the organization is doing to grow the number of members.

But are we asking the wrong question? Instead of asking how to grow membership, it’s critical to first ask why an organization wants to grow membership.

It may seem intuitive: As a membership-based organization, the perception is that membership growth equals success. But this is not always true. There are a number of reasons that an organization may want to grow members, and different reasons may mean very different growth strategies.

So why would an organization want to grow members? Here are just a few of the important – and very different – reasons:

Growth can be great for your organization–but it’s important to grow strategically rather than just focusing on a number. Asking ‘why’ will ensure that you are prepared to achieve meaningful, long-term success.