Utilizing Technology to Improve User Experience at Events

When you think about your annual conference or local networking events, things like sponsorships, programming, and logistics come to mind. All these things are important, but how much thought do you put into creating a positive user experience? With a little intentionality, you can utilize technology and create a positive user experience. Here’s how you can utilize different tools for different stages of an event:


What’s the first thing someone does after deciding to attend an event? They visit your website and register. Registering for your event should be a simple and easy process. It’s also an opportunity to gather all the information you need to make an attendee’s experience at conference as positive as possible. First, review the form you have been using. Are you collecting information you aren’t using? A shorter form equates to a faster registration experience. If it isn’t pertinent to the event, don’t make attendees spend time entering that information.

Once you have the form down to the essentials, think about how you can create a unique experience for attendees. This could be collecting information on dietary restrictions or registering for specific sessions at a conference. Collecting dietary restrictions upfront will make it easier on your food vendor in the long run. If you have exclusive small sessions or a post-conference networking event, have people register for them at the same time as the main event to avoid more work later for both you and them.

Technology at the event

Does your association have an app? Having an app for attendees to use at an event can improve user experience by giving them all the information they need in the palm of their hand. It can hold everything a conference program can: schedule of events, map, speaker bios, etc. A well-made app will make navigating a conference a breeze.

You or some of your vendors may want to do giveaways during an event. This is another opportunity to utilize technology to improve user experience. Instead of dropping business cards or filling out physical forms at a booth, you can create a page on your website and promote the link at the conference. This way everything is automated and it is a simpler process for both you and attendees.

Post-Event Experience

User experience doesn’t end at the closing of an event. Collecting post-event surveys allows you to improve future events by finding out what went well and what didn’t from an attendee’s perspective. Asking questions about attendees’ experiences at the event gives them a voice and shows you value their input. The survey should be quick and simple to fill out. More responses equal more feedback to be used for the next event. For this reason, utilize your event email list and create a survey that is quick to fill out with optional long-form answers.

As innovation continues, technology will continue to help enhance the event experience. Implement simple changes like intuitive forms, apps, and surveys to see a positive change in user experiences at events. Next, stay up-to-date on new technology to be ready to continually improve the user experience at your events.

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