Understanding the AMC Management Model

As defined by The AMC Institute, “Association  Management Companies (AMCs) are for-profit businesses that manage associations to help them grow and prosper.” The AMC management model allows associations access to professionals who have a variety of experiences, resources, and backgrounds. These associations can thrive in a system that gives them the opportunity to capitalize on the expertise of AMC staff.

How are associations staffed in the AMC model?

Association management companies such as Raybourn Group International house employees who work in many areas of association management, but who all work as association professionals. Some of these employees specialize in membership, while others work specifically in marketing, management, event planning, or other roles vital to the success of an association.

Each full-service association client who works with AMCs will have specific staff appointed to the roles listed above, therefore receiving a full team of qualified professionals who can effectively manage each area of the association. Not only are these employees qualified to work in their specific departments but they are also able to understand the various processes involved in managing associations.

Why is this model beneficial to associations?

With their unique makeup, AMCs offer associations a variety of benefits to allow them to find success efficiently and consistently. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • AMCs can provide associations with staffing to fit their specific needs. With a wide range of employees to assign to each client, AMCs can curate their larger staff to pick the right team to help manage an association.
  • While a specific team of employees at an AMC will manage one association, that association has access to the greater group of AMC employees, who can give seasoned expertise, outside perspective, and fresh ideas to any association. This shared expertise leads to further success.
  • Working with an AMC gives greater financial flexibility and efficiency to associations as they benefit from shared resources and opportunities.

Find out about the benefits of working with an AMC by reading from the AMC Institute and by checking out the ways that RGI clients found success through the AMC model in the last year.

How can your association select an AMC – and more specifically, the right one?

Thinking it may be time for your association to partner with an association management company? Or maybe you are just interested in finding out more? Check out our free eBook on selecting an AMC to learn more about the AMC model and how you can find the right partner for your association.