Three Reasons We Are Thankful for Volunteers

In this Thanksgiving season , we are thankful for all of our volunteers. It is no secret volunteers are essential for associations to run smoothly. This past year we have seen great contributions from volunteers. No matter your motivation to volunteer – whether it be to build your resume, become a leader, or simply help people, you have our sincerest thanks. Below are three reasons we want to acknowledge and thank our association volunteers:

1. Time

We are thankful for the time volunteers put into associations. Everyone is busy, yet volunteers take on more responsibility and time for the association. With spare time seeming like it is at an all time low, volunteers are still placing association volunteering into their schedules.

2. Impact

Volunteers provide expertise, knowledge, experience, and wisdom to the association and its staff. Our volunteers provide expert industry insight to association staff, which helps elevate the association as a whole. This aspect of volunteering is important for associations to thrive.

3. Support

Members support the association through their membership, but volunteers take it to the next level. Volunteers help shape what the association is and what it can become.

In the season of giving thanks, we want to thank our association volunteers. Thanks for your time, impact and support. Associations wouldn’t be the same without you.