The New Kids on the Block: Generation Z

Just when I thought I finally had a handle on what the Millennial generation was all about, I’ve learned there is ANOTHER generation of talented, connected and socially conscious coming-of-age group of individuals starting the enter the work force. Meet Generation Z. These new players were born in the late 1990s to now. While I identify with Generation X, I too have shared my own struggles with managing the Millennial. Not only does knowing there is another generation to contend with make my marketing brain hurt, but it makes me feel old!

Greg Witz is the President of Witz Education in Toronto, Canada. He sums up what Generation Z is all about in his article for MultiBriefs. I can’t help but wonder how much different this Generation Z is from the Millennial, but nonetheless, it is important the Associations and businesses alike adapt their resources to reflect the newest member types. It is a reminder that the only constant is change.