So…You Want Your Board Members to Help Drive Engagement

Member engagement is the livelihood of an association. Active, engaged members renew their membership and help spread the word to bring new members to the association. While technically an association’s board of directors is not elected to conduct member outreach, they are provided distinct opportunities to interact with members.


A solid foundation can help a board of directors foster member relationships and become successful advocates, strategists and all-around supporters for the association. Here are a few ways to get started:

Orientation – A solid board orientation can set the expectation that each board member should be an ambassador for the association. The orientation should include information on association issues, programs, resources, services and benefits. An orientation allows creates a consistent message for the board and gives them confidence in delivering the message.

Determine, Direct, Deploy – Determine the best use of each board member’s time and energy. Direct the conversations and messaging board members should be sharing, and, more importantly KISS (keep it short and sweet). Deploy them to events, networking gatherings, committee meetings–wherever they need to be to share the message.

Keep Calm and Engage On – Utilizing board members to drive member engagement will be a constant evolution. With each new board member may come a new opportunity, idea or challenge. Stay open to new ideas and ways that board members can engage with members.

Following these simple steps can allow board members to be trained to address association issues, share the value of the association, and, at the simplest level, direct people where to find out more about the association.