RGI’s Success Stories From 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, we want to take a moment to look back and celebrate some of this year’s top successes. Here are just a few highlights from 2019:  

Successful Conference Amid Natural Disaster – Corporate Housing Providers Association
What started as a disaster scenario turned into  a success for the Corporate Housing Providers Association’s (CHPA) Annual Conference this year. After booking the conference venue in Puerto Rico two years in advance, Puerto Rico was hit by devastating hurricanes. Instead of backing out, CHPA doubled-down and decided to help in the rebuilding effort. To do this, CHPA used all local vendors and encouraged exhibitors to do the same. Marketing communications turned into philanthropy messaging and education on the city. CHPA and members made donations for the rebuilding efforts and the conference exceeded budget and attendance goals while giving members the ability to give back.

Innovative Marketing Campaign Award for Industry Podcast – Corporate Housing Providers Association
CHPA had another success this year with their podcast: Navigating the Noise. CHPA partnered with professional futurist Brian David Johnson to address the challenges of the rapidly evolving corporate housing industry. Two seasons of the podcast have been released. The podcast has been streamed more than 3,400 times and in 29 countries. CHPA received an Indiana Society of Association Executives’ STAR Award this year for the podcast in the “Innovative Marketing Campaign” category.

10-Year High in Membership – Indiana Society of Association Executives
The Indiana Society of Association Executives (ISAE) finishes 2019 with a 10-year high in membership. Along with this accomplishment, ISAE also  engaged members through successful programs including a Young Professionals Summit and a Women in Associations forum.

Impactful Technology Award for Video Campaign – Midwest Building Suppliers Association
The Midwest Building Suppliers Association (MBSA) received a STAR award from ISAE in the Impactful Technology category for the association’s impactful work and production of its employee recruitment video. The video is part of a larger effort to increase awareness for the building suppliers association and the career opportunities it provides.

NFHS Centennial Event Brings 1,100 People to White River State Park – RGI Event Services
The RGI Events team planned and executed the National Federation of High School Associations’ (NFHS) Centennial Event in Indianapolis at White River State Park. The event brought 1,100 people to downtown Indianapolis and included 10 tents, local mascots, tours at other local attractions, and a Gleaners Food Bank volunteer opportunity.

As we reflect on our successes in 2019, we also look forward to helping our clients reach new heights in 2020! To learn more about how RGI can help your organization thrive, contact us.