RGI in 2020: NCAC’s Success in Uncharted Virtual Territory

At the outset of the  COVID-19 pandemic, the National Council of Acoustical Consultants – like many others – was faced with an issue it had never before encountered. As the pandemic carried on through the summer, it became clear that the organization’s in-person August conference would need to move to a virtual format. Never having held a virtual event before, NCAC was confronted with the difficult problem of needing to create the same kind of member engagement in a conference where nobody would gather in person – a daunting task for a group with little experience in virtual events.

When the time came to make the decision to move virtually, though, NCAC and its leadership found itself ahead of the game. As an RGI client, NCAC is one of several organizations under the umbrella of a single association management company. AMCs like RGI serve a wide array of clients, providing each one with a staff that manages everything from day-to-day operations to long term decision-making and strategic planning. As one of many valued  clients, NCAC had the opportunity to learn from the experience of surrounding association staff who encountered the same difficult decisions in 2020.

Find out how NCAC used its position as a partner with RGI to capitalize on the opportunity for success by watching the video below (or by following this link):

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