RGI in 2020: MSECA Adapts Virtually for Sponsors and Exhibitors

Each association and each conference is different. However, when the time came to  transition to a virtual conference this year, the Midwestern States Environmental Consultants Association found success by building off of and altering the strategies used by other clients at RGI. As an association management company, RGI provides each client with a staff of individuals who not only have years of experience in managing these kinds of organizations, but also have access to the knowledge of surrounding staff of similar associations. This enables each client to draw on the strengths and successes of others while learning from the lessons they can provide. This also helps each association’s stakeholders – such as sponsors and exhibitors – find success.

As it moved its conference online, MSECA had a tall task ahead in ensuring that the sponsors and exhibitors that regularly attend an in-person conference would not only participate in a virtual event, but more importantly find value in one. MSECA staff and Executive Director Brian Lewis, CAE, paved the way toward success by utilizing personal experience and ingenuity and combining that with lessons from RGI clients who faced the same concerns in sponsor engagement. Ultimately, this led to a successful conference in 2020 and laid the foundation for future achievement in an increasingly virtual world.

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