RGI in 2020: ISPLS Finds Value in Association Management Model

As the world went virtual this year and many associations adjusted by moving conferences and events online, the Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors took notice. While its conference was still a ways off, ISPLS staff and volunteers began preparing for the eventual probability of a virtual event – or one that at least offered a virtual component. Working with an association management company helped make this possible.

ISPLS is one of many full-service association clients served by Raybourn Group International, an association management company (AMC). As the ISPLS staff worked on transitioning the regular in-person conference to account for a virtual setting, it was able to find success through the diligence of its own staff, but also through the surrounding RGI staff members, who make up management teams for many associations similar in size to ISPLS.

Since March, RGI has worked with a diverse array of clients to move their conferences, events, education opportunities and other programs to fully virtual or mostly virtual platforms. This process has allowed many clients to draw on expertise from others, showing them the value in the AMC model. With several associations managed under one umbrella, clients are provided with unique perspectives of other organizations in similar positions. This was especially true in a year where the industry was faced with challenges of all kinds. Like many other associations, ISPLS found it beneficial to have access to the knowledge and experiences of other clients provided through an AMC model, and ultimately built upon that foundation by adjusting in the face of crisis itself.

To hear more on how ISPLS staff responded to the difficulties of COVID-19, watch this short video from Brian Lewis, CAE, the association’s Executive Director: