RGI Celebrates Wins at the 2022 ISAE Star Awards

RGI joined the Indiana Society of Association Executives (ISAE) for its annual STAR Awards ceremony on Thursday, December 8, 2022, recognizing the best and brightest in association management. RGI took home two organizational awards and had one staff member win an individual award.

Association Executive of the Year

Mary Ann B. Passi, CAE, CEO of the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), was awarded the 2022 Association Executive of the Year. The Association Executive of the Year Award is ISAE’s most prestigious award and recognizes an executive for their dedication to their profession, their association and their fellow staff and volunteers.

In the past year, Mary Ann spearheaded a joint program that brought association members and their clients together to better solve challenges in the wake of the pandemic and supply chain and inventory issues. To maximize the association’s impact on sustainability, she joined forces with five other global associations to bring clarity and unity to the global mobility industry’s sustainability efforts. Lastly, she led the creation of a new strategic framework for the association. The approach was unique in that it leveraged the ASAE Drivers of Change, which allowed the board to remain high-level in their thinking. This process has created the clearest direction from the board in the last decade.

“We all know it takes a village,” Mary Ann said from the podium. “Thank you to my mentors, my colleagues, my staff and my family.”

Mary Ann has served as CEO for CHPA since 2000. In this role, she has led CHPA through major changes and global impacts that affected the association’s operations and has remained an advocate for members and a support system for staff.

Golden Shoestring Award

MSECA, the Midwestern States Environmental Consulting Association, won the Golden Shoestring Award for its new website and updated branding. The award is given to an association for a single project or program delivered on little to no budget with a successful outcome.

The association’s website needed to be updated to look more modern and make the site more usable for its members. Along with the website redesign, the organization’s branding materials were updated to match the website’s new color scheme and to give the organization a cleaner look. Pages were either redesigned or consolidated to provide a better user experience and make the site more navigable. Additionally, updates were made to make sure the information on the site was accurate and up-to-date. A highly detailed guide created to outline each design element and plug-in so that future staff or interns will have no issue navigating the backend of the site to update content and create new pages.

Impactful Technology Award

The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) won the Impactful Technology Award for their new database system. Through this new technology, CHPA has implemented new features including unique reporting for members, easy data access and auto-renewal. All of these new features created increased efficiency for staff, which led to new ideas and innovation, as well as an easier AMS for members to navigate and utilize.

This technology transformed how the association executes renewals, event registrations and targeted marketing campaigns. It has also helped create a shop on their website where resources, courses and past webinars can be purchased by members and non-members. All of these facets lead to a financial benefit for the association and an improved member experience.


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