Myth-Busting: What You Should Know About Association Management Companies

If your organization is considering making changes to its professional staff structure, an association management company (AMC) is a great solution. AMCs allow your organization to share staff, resources, office space and equipment with other non-profit organizations. By partnering with an AMC, organizations increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs. This can translate to happier members, a more financially sound organization, and a more productive board.

So why don’t some organizations pursue AMCs as a staffing solution? Some boards may rule out the option prematurely based on myths about AMCs. Here are four common myths about AMCs, debunked.

Myth #1: AMC staff won’t care as much about my organization as captive staff or volunteers would.
Fact: AMC professionals care deeply because association management is their profession and passion. They understand the importance of missions, the commitments of volunteers, and the investments of members. Look for an AMC that supports ongoing staff professional development to ensure that your team is dedicated to providing best practices in servicing and growing associations.

Myth #2: By hiring an AMC, the Board is giving up control.
Fact: The association belongs to the members, not the staff. While AMCs may make recommendations, final decisions rest with volunteer leadership. Look for an AMC that values partnership and transparency; this will lead to a better understanding of how decisions are made to best serve the organization now and into the future.

Myth #3: My organization can’t afford an AMC.
Fact: AMCs are extremely economical because you only pay for the resources you need at the time you need them. Look for an AMC that offers this flexibility.

Myth #4: We will lose our identity if we go with an AMC.
Fact: Everything your AMC does should reflect your brand, mission and membership. AMC’s should not provide “cookie cutter” management solutions; look for an AMC that has grown brands in a variety of industries to ensure your organization’s unique identity will be well-represented. Look for an AMC whose staff will walk and talk as if they are your own.

AMCs are an excellent choice for associations looking to generate results and improve efficiencies. At Raybourn Group International, we are happy to provide a free one-hour consultation to any group interested in researching association management companies; our professionals are well-known throughout the association management industry and because of this, we are able to provide recommendations on management company options based on your size, geographic scope, goals and budget. Contact us at to learn more.