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The RGI Blog

Membership Development in Focus

This month, the RGI blog has taken an in-depth look at different parts of the membership development journey that associations must manage. Membership is the central part of any association – your success begins and ends with the success of your members. So how can you ensure both your association and its members get the most out of membership? Take a look at the steps below to get started:

  1. Making Your Association Worth Joining: Before you recruit new members to your association, you must make sure their membership is worthwhile. Create benefits and resources for your members to make sure they get the most out of joining your association.
  2. Membership Recruitment: Once you create benefits and programs to attract new members for your association, you must do your part in actively reaching out and pursuing growth. Make use of various marketing tools and media outlets to effectively increase your membership numbers.
  3. Membership Advancement: As you bring in new members, the focus shifts to how you can encourage them toward deeper involvement and participation in association programs, volunteer leadership, and events. You must give them the opportunities and the benefits to ensure they remain engaged.

For a full overview on how you can bring in new members and help them maximize the value of their membership through useful programs, mutually beneficial volunteering opportunities and more, download our free e-book, Membership Development in Focus.