How to Effectively Communicate with Members

There is a common marketing rule that says it takes seven touch points for a message to be effective and be remembered by the receiver. What does that mean for your communication strategy? It means you need to promote a message multiple times and use communication tools to meet your members where they are. This can be especially complicated because all associations and the members within those associations are different in their communication preferences. Below is a list of different ways associations can effectively communicate with their members.

1. Email

Email is a great way to communicate passively to members. Email allows members to control when they read the update. Through the links in the email, they also have the freedom to decide what they want to learn more about. Email serves as a great way to communicate with members who may be busy and need to control how they take in information.

2. Social Media

For members who like an interactive communication strategy, social media is a great way to convey messaging. Social media gives members the opportunity to comment back and connect with other members if they would like. The main issue with social media is on most platforms, even if a member follows you, they are not guaranteed to see every post due to social media algorithms.

3. Mailings

Depending on membership numbers, mailings can be an expensive avenue to communicate with members. However, with mailings, members can receive and keep something physical, such as a promotional flyer or form. Mailings don’t require any technology, which makes it easy for all members to receive.

4. Phone Calls

Some members may prefer phone calls for renewal notices and to have questions answered. Do you have someone to answer phones or is it all automated? One way isn’t better than the other. It all depends on your membership and what they prefer. If your membership values talking to a real person, then look into how your association can talk more to your members.

5. Text Pushes

If you are new to text pushes and text marketing, you can learn more here. Text pushes have a very high open rate, which makes it efficient to communicate information. Since message size is limited, most text-pushes can guide members to a specific link. Members who want to make sure they don’t miss out on any communications can benefit from text pushes.

Each association membership is different. Take some time to learn what communication methods your members prefer. Use these methods to create at least seven touch points. This will increase communication effectiveness and leave members feeling informed.