How to Effectively Communicate the Benefits of Your Association

You may recall buying a new (or new-to-you) shiny car and having a crash course on using all the new bells and whistles at the dealership. Then you get home to fumble through how to use these bells and whistles and can’t remember how. Member benefits can be similar.

You are excited about the benefits when you first join, however you may still not utilize (or remember) all the benefits throughout the year. It is important for associations to remind members how to use the benefits, explain what the benefits are and when they need to be used. After all, benefits help members stay connected and are a big reason members join.

What are some ways you can communicate benefits to gain members?

It benefits members when associations consistently think of ways to sell themselves, stand out among other associations, and prove their ROI to members.

Advocacy news: Many members join associations to make change for the betterment of their industry, their business/company or both.

Who should be involved in this recruitment process and how can they best leverage the benefits of the association to draw in possible new members?

All members are responsible for recruiting for the future of your industry and association. Members have a circle of influence with those they serve and work with.

Here are few marketing ideas for all members to assist with:

Establish a recruitment committee. Ask members to share who the new colleagues are that have recently joined their company or industry that may not be aware of the organization.

Member benefits are why members join your association. Don’t let them become forgotten bells and whistles. Learn why members are joining and then use that information to promote those same benefits. Empower existing members to be advocates for your association to their networks. All these methods combined will help efforts to continually communicate why being a member is valuable.