Getting The Most Out Of Instagram

by Hannah Klare

As the final post in this series, I would like to quickly summarize a great article in Association Adviser named “10 Ways to Communicate Better with Instagram” that every association wanting to create and actively use an Instagram to reach members should read.

  1. Use Contests: Post an image that introduces the concept of your contest and explain the rules in the caption, or type a link to a webpage with the detailed rules. After it’s over search your hashtag and then select, and repost the winner when you announce on your page.
  2. Show staff and board members: State their name, responsibilities and maybe a fun fact.
  3. Post event-related photos: Post images of maps, speakers, social activities, venue spaces (which you can tag to your image that you upload), or awards. You can easily generate interest before and after the event doing this.
  4. Relive events (#latergram): Post memorable pictures of the events and remind people of why they should come back.
  5. Remind members about deadlines: If need be, use the “Notes” app that you already have preinstalled on your smart phone and screen shot the note and post. According to the article, this method is replacing email among the under-16 set.
  6. Feature outstanding members or companies: Recognize employees for their accomplishments.
  7. Educate: Use a picture to share news about your association or maybe even a video.
  8. Broadcast a call to action: Post an image or a caption to urge followers to act.
  9. Ask for support
  10. Advertise merchandise and discounts: Offering discounts or a promo code online to those who follow you on Instagram.

A great way to measure your Instagram success or share the buzz that you have Instagram is to create a QR Code. On, I created a code, named the code I used for the retreat on my dashboard, and then asked everyone to scan the code. You can easily track how people are coming to your Instagram page through the scan and see how well you are doing. This is a great way to spread the word at events or conferences about your social media presence and gain followers. Once you create an account, you can also track where your code was scanned, by what kind of phone, etc.

And this would be the appropriate time to tell you, if you are interested in following the RGI Instagram account, our handle is @rgi_amc or scan this QR Code right off the screen!



Donovan, K. (2014). 10 ways to communicate better with Instagram. Association Adviser, 17(1), 19-20.