Free E-Book: Membership Development in Focus

Want to solve all your membership development challenges? A silver bullet to propel your recruitment and retention numbers skyward so you can sit back and bask in the glory as the smartest membership specialist ever to live?

Written by Amanda Bureau, CAE, CVA and Kim Paugh, CAE

Sigh…if only it were that easy.

Membership development is hard. There are an infinite number of development initiatives you could be doing at any given time. And as technology increases our ability to collect more and more data about our members and prospects, there is a lot of information to analyze. This can lead to decision paralysis.

While there is no silver bullet, the best strategy for increasing your membership and engagement is to bring focus to your membership development efforts. This e-book outlines three ways to ensure forward momentum in your organization’s membership development:

  1. Create a focused development plan with 3-5 data-driven and highly relevant goals.
  2. Focus on tracking the most important key performance indicators related to your organization and your goals.
  3. Guide your volunteers to take consistent action toward your development goals.