Free E-Book: Avoiding Non-Profit Financial Pitfalls

If non-profits aren’t prepared to avoid financial pitfalls, they can find themselves facing a financial crisis. As a stakeholder of a non-profit organization, that’s not a phrase you want to hear.  

Luckily, you don’t have to be unprepared. In this free e-book, we give and explain five steps to avoid non-profit financial pitfalls.

  1. Understand your role
  2. Set policies
  3. Understand financial reports
  4. Planning and reporting
  5. Take action

The financial health and security of your non-profit organization is the responsibility of the full board in conjunction with the staff. To learn how to practically implement these steps and take control of your financial future, click the button below.

Download the e-book to get your guide to avoiding non-profit financial pitfalls by clicking the button below!


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