Five FREE Tech Tools for Associations


As the story goes, everyone is trying to do more with less and there is never enough time in the day. If you had a dollar for every time you’ve have said this, you wouldn’t need a job! Here are five online tools to help you be more productive and more creative with your time.

While some companies have entire staffs dedicated to the management of social media, it often falls to one individual at associations. HootSuite allows you to manage multiple networks, schedule posts and engage your audience, all in one place.

Google Docs
Working with a number of people who need to review and make edits to a single document is made painless with Google Docs. Just upload the original and invite people to make edits. You can see changes in real time and collaborate with people to finish the job fast.

This free online design tool makes you look like a marketing superstar! Create any number of graphics to be used in social media, blogs, presentations, infographics, etc. (that you will post using HootSuite, of course!). There are literally millions of options with the layouts, fonts and design tools and it’s easy enough to use for those without a graphic design background.

YouTube is so common that it is often overlooked as a free opportunity for associations everywhere. Associations are about people – start showing the people that make you who you are. With smartphones allowing everyone to be a videographer, it makes it so easy to humanize your association and put it on YouTube to share.

Have you ever heard of death by PowerPoint? If you have been to any association conference, you’ve likely experienced it! Prezi is presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life and make a presentation more memorable.

Many of these tools allow you to create content that can be repurposed across various mediums, which increases your productivity and decreases the time it takes to manage these projects. What other tools do you use to increase your productivity?