Event Email Marketing: Communication to Registrants

Early in the event planning process, registration is a high priority. What happens after attendees start registering? A lot of effort is poured into getting people to register, but that shouldn’t be the end of event communication with them. Registration is a great goal, but it isn’t the finish line. Here are some ways you can continue communication with attendees after they register:

1. Create a New List
Once someone registers for your event, what happens to the marketing material they receive? A relatively easy step that can be overlooked is removing them from your marketing list. It can be confusing for a registrant to receive marketing material about registering when they already have. That doesn’t mean they should be cut off from conference communication though. When you remove a person from a marketing list because they registered, add them to a new list of attendees. This way they are still able to keep up with what’s happening with the conference while not being reminded to register.

2. Continue Releasing New Information
To keep people interested in your event and seeking out updates, you can create a schedule of announcements. These announcements could go to both your registered and non-registered email lists. Examples of updates include:

  • Speaker announcements
  • Sponsor announcements
  • New features to this year’s event
  • Map of the venue
  • Details on food and hotels

By scheduling out updates, it keeps people coming back to learn more about the event. It helps keep registrants engaged in communications and grows excitement about the event.

3. Exclusive Offers to Early Registrants
Early bird registration discounts are a great way to get people to register for your event early. If you are feeling extra generous, you can announce even more benefits to your early registrants through email. Examples include:

  • Exclusive meet and greet with a speaker
  • Bonus session
  • VIP area
  • Discounts for friends and/or next year’s event
  • Early access to speaker announcements

These are just a few ideas of how you can improve your communication to event registrants. There are other creative ways you can maintain communication, but the point is email marketing doesn’t stop once someone registers. It should continue to help build anticipation for the event. This way, people are excited about what is going to happen and continually seek out updates on new information.