Eight Ways to Make your Staff Retreat Rock

I recently had the opportunity to meet with a small group to help plan the annual Raybourn Group International (RGI) staff retreat. RGI is made up of about 30 individuals who all work in small staff teams on different clients (check out our client list!). The value of having a staff team is that we work closely with each other on our team and our client. It allows us to be invaluably knowledgeable about each other’s talents and our client’s needs. However, it doesn’t allow for much cross-team interaction.

The staff retreat is an opportunity for the RGI staff to come together and learn about each other as a whole. This is consistently ranked high on post-event evaluations. The planning group looked into other feedback and most mentioned the need for interaction among peers and learning opportunities from outside the organization. I also found a great article by Dave Logan on CBS MoneyWatch, Your Corporate Retreat Always Sucks: Eight Ways to Make it Better, that seconded this feedback and offers you even more ideas to make your retreat more effective.