3 Key Takeaways from President Leslie Murphy, FASAE, CAE on the Charitable Advisors’ Podcast

RGI President Leslie Murphy, FASAE, CAE, recently joined Bryan Orlander from Charitable Advisors’ Not-for-profit NEWS podcast to discuss how an association management company’s components translate to charitable non-profits.

Here are three takeaways from their conversation:

1. The importance of credentials 

Credentials, professional development and a mindset of continuous learning allows you and your organization to bring new, innovative ideas to your clients. Striving to earn credentials can foster an understanding of new cutting-edge technology and how it can benefit your clients.

2. Knowledge-sharing meetings 

While it is easy to focus on your areas of expertise, growth is about adopting new knowledge through conversation. Whether you excel in areas of membership, marketing, meetings, etc., coming together with your peers and sharing knowledge from around the industry can implement an environment of education and respect between the clients and peers you interact with. By understanding the various aspects of the non-profit world, you can better serve your client’s needs and be viewed as a reliable source in areas you didn’t feel an expert in prior to sharing knowledge.

3. Restructuring to aid clients

The structure you choose for your organization and areas driving revenue determine the current and future success of the organization. Recognizing the importance of a strong association structure, Leslie and Raybourn Group International have worked with clients to cut costs through restructuring and driving new areas of revenue generation.

You can listen to the full conversation here.