4 Steps to Make Your Association Worth Joining

In order to attract new members, you must first make your association worth joining. What are some things that you can do to make your organization more appealing to potential members? What steps can you take to add member value

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Creating Member Value Amidst Uncertainty

As associations adapt to COVID-19, it is critical to lead through crisis and ensure that your organization’s member benefits still provide value. Two RGI membership professionals, Melissa Heeke, CAE and Nick Estrada, CMP, outline how to ensure your organization offers

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key to your membership

Are Your Member Benefits Worth the Price Members Pay?

Want to increase your membership levels? Before you put together your next membership marketing campaign, evaluate your member benefits to make sure you’re offering what your prospects want. When a company joins an association, they are taking profit from their

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Membership is Everyone’s Job!

Everyone from the executive director to the receptionist to the accounting department should be able to easily explain the value of membership in your organization. How often have you heard an association membership professional proclaim this statement: “It can feel

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Five Ways To Welcome New Members

When someone joins your organization, you have a critical window to help shape their overall impression of your association. Here are five ways to help them feel welcomed and valued.

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Balancing Work, Life, and Volunteering

Being busy is worn as a badge of accomplishment by many. Our culture often equates busyness to success and importance. This may have some truth to it to a degree, but are you being as effective as you can be,

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Want to Grow Membership? Ask Why

For membership-based organizations, one of the most common strategic goals is to grow membership. Around the board table, at staff meetings, and among members, there is always much discussion on what the organization is doing to grow the number of

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