5 Things Association Treasurers Need to Know

Association treasurers are typically responsible for financial oversight, budgeting, fundraising, reporting and more. Finances are part of every aspect of an association, including membership, marketing programming and events. The treasurer role carries a lot of responsibility for an association, but it also often leads to even greater leadership on the association board. The blogs below highlight topics to help treasurers succeed now and in the future:

        1. How to Avoid Financial Pitfalls for Your Association

RGI recently released a full e-book on avoiding financial pitfalls for associations. This long-form piece of content breaks down a step-by-step outline on what you need to do to understand your organization’s financial picture, plan for the future, and avoid financial pitfalls for your association. As a stakeholder in your association, fraud and financial crisis are not terms you want to hear. This e-book can be a resource to help avoid pitfalls before they occur. Download Your Free E-Book.

        2. How Your Mid-Year Budget Can Shape Next Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted income for associations. With the preparation of next year’s budget rapidly approaching, now is a great time to pause and evaluate how your budget now can shape next year’s budget by focusing on the performance of current programs and initiatives to determine viability, value to members and use of resources. Read more.

        3. How to Budget in Light of Your Strategic Plan

It’s an old adage: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this blog, you will find which comes first regarding an association budget and strategic plan. The strategic plan is a guide to help an organization accomplish its mission and goals. The budget should be a reflection of the funding necessary to carry out the tasks and actions to achieve the desired outcome. Read more.

        4. How Annual Budgets Are Connected with Membership and Programming

Membership benefits may not come to mind when considering important treasurer roles, however budgeting for member dues is a critical step for your association’s annual budget. It echoes some of what blog #3 talks about in reviewing current programs, but goes deeper into making membership dues worth the cost for the benefits members receive. Read more.

        5. Using Finances to Meet Your Association Mission

Perhaps the most important role of a board member is to make sure your money meets your mission. This post will walk you through key questions to ask and next steps to take depending on how you answer the questions for your association. Read more.