Utilizing Video for Your Association’s Events and Education

Video is one of the most versatile tools available for online content creation. It’s more attention-grabbing than an article or an email, and done well, it is more clear and easily understandable. Video is a more passive way to consume information, which makes it consumable for the most busy individuals. Here are some ways your association can tap into the power of video.


Emails, social media posts and web pages dominate event promotion. From conferences to local networking events, using video as promotion has the potential to more effectively reach your audience, and possibly broaden it. Traditional means for promoting events are not obsolete, but video is an often missed opportunity to complement the already existing plan.

For conferences:

  1. Obtain videos of keynote speakers giving an overview of their sessions.
  2. Share videos made by sponsors. It adds value to the sponsorship and promotes the event.
  3. Have staff talk about the upcoming event and give information about registration and the agenda.
  4. Utilize video from years past to promote the atmosphere and networking opportunities conferences offer.
  5. Record clips and share them during the conference to create social media buzz.

For networking and other events:

  1. Take video from the location promoting the date and time of the event.
  2. Include testimonials from past attendees to confirm it is worthwhile to attend.
  3. Share video from organizers promoting specific speakers/activities that will be at the event.

Education is an important value to membership in any association. What if you mixed in video education with your current education strategy? Blog posts and emails containing current events for the industry are a great start. Video can take your education to the next level.

A weekly or monthly video blog could replace or work with an existing blog to create accessible and timely education. Instead of reading headlines, an association staff member or volunteer could present the latest happenings in the industry in a short 1-2 minute video clip. If members want to dive deeper, the blog can include more detail.

Another value you could add to your membership is putting out relevant how-to videos for your members. Whatever association it is, there are opportunities to put out how-to videos to benefit members. There are articles available online for many things, but a video is easier to relate to and follow. Instead of having members search for outside resources, your association could become a hub of helpful information, drawing in new members.

Whatever you choose to use video for, it will surely be a welcome addition of content for members. Content is king. Adding a video aspect will help elevate your association to a current, reliable, and accessible resource of information on current events, upcoming events, and industry-specific knowledge.