Utilize This Tool To Help Plan International Events

In association management, many of us work with international members and/or plan international meetings. Sometimes this can be a bit challenging simply because of cultural differences. MPI (Meeting Professionals International), has created a tool to help those of us who deal with those challenges. It is called the CultureActive© Tool. According the website:

The strategic advantages of the MPI CultureActive© Tool include:

  • Preparing organizations for global expansion
  • Preparing a strategy for and conducting business negotiations
  • Increased effectiveness in managing and being managed across cultures
  • Minimizing unpleasant surprises (culture shock) and expensive errors
  • Increasing the span of influence of meeting professionals to engage senior management and clients on the nuances and cultural expectations in international business

The Vacation Rental Managers Association has recently expanded their events to include a European Seminar. In February of 2015, VRMA will be hosting this event in Ireland. In preparation for this event, staff has used this tool to learn about Irish culture in negotiating the hotel contracts, working with our vendors, and preparing for our time in that country.

This tool provides information on their culture: religion, languages, values and core beliefs, concept of space, concept of time, and self-image. The tool also provides information on how they communicate and how they interact.

To learn more about CultureActive©, click here to view a video or visit www.mpiweb.org.

*Please note that the CultureActive© Tool is a MPI member benefit.