Three tips to make webinars more successful for associations

Members are always looking for quick, easy and painless ways to learn about the latest trends in their fields, and webinars can be a great avenue to provide this valuable content.

Whether you’re just getting started with a webinar program or are a webinar pro, here are three steps to take to make sure your next association webinar is a success.

1. Ask for a little help from your friends

While it’s certainly possible for a single person to handle the logistics of a webinar, recruiting a member volunteer to serve as moderator is a valuable addition to the presentation. Consider asking a member of the education or membership committee to step into this role. It is also a great way for a student member to gain exposure and practice presentation skills.

With a moderator to introduce the presenter, monitor the questions and add commentary if necessary, staff is able to handle last-minute registrations, technical issues for individual audience members and focus on the logistics running smoothly.

2. Thirty minutes could make all the difference

Start your webinars 30 minutes in advance of the start time and communicate that requirement clearly to your presenters – even if you also hold short training sessions with presenters in advance. This 30-minute cushion is ample time to troubleshoot any technology issues and put the presenter at ease.

Surprisingly, your audience might also benefit from this. Our experience shows that attendees regularly sign on 30 minutes in advance as well, likely to troubleshoot technology issues on their end of the connection.

3. Long live the webinar!

A rule of thumb is that your live attendance will be about half of your registrations. Don’t be discouraged! The life of your webinar is just beginning. Promise all registered attendees a follow-up email with a link to the session recording, the presentation, and any additional material. Make sure the recording can be easily accessed on your website. Every view of your recorded material is just as impactful as the actual broadcast.


By following these three steps, your members will continue to find your webinars a valuable benefit.