RGI Pep Talks: Event AV and Staging with Brad Ehrlich

Welcome to the second  installment of RGI Pep Talks! RGI Pep Talks is a new video series by Raybourn Group International, made possible by the support of our friends at Markey’s Rental & Staging. This series is based on the questions we get asked most frequently in the RGI office. To answer these questions, we brought in a few of our partners to look at what’s happening in the industry and to help answer these questions.

We often see questions related to annual conferences. For many groups, this is their make-or-break event for the year. It not only has a budget impact, but the event experience will impact your members’ willingness to renew their memberships or volunteer for your organization.

In this episode, we sit down with Brad Ehrlich, General Manager of Markey’s Rental & Staging, and discuss using AV and staging to create successful events.