• VRMA Corporate Sponsorships
    Increase 433% Since 2009
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  • CHPA's retention is 7%
    higher than the
    national average
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  • CHPA increases advertising
    revenue by 776%.
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  • ICBR Golf Outing
    Sponsorship Increases 144%
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Raybourn Group International has managed associations with integrity and innovation since 1988. The results have set a new standard of excellence in association management.

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When the Volunteer Administrator is the Volunteer

Most of my professional life has involved managing volunteers. I even hold certifications (CVA and CAE) attesting to my knowledge in this area, and I think I’m pretty good at this aspect of my job. However, actually being a volunteer … Continue reading

Looking Through a Volunteer’s Eyes

Do you volunteer for other organizations? Do you serve on any volunteer boards? Do you donate your time to a charity or service organization? As association professionals, we tend to look at our respective organizations through a unique lens. We … Continue reading

Volunteers: Walk a Day in Their Shoes

Volunteers: Can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them. If you work in association management, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before. Many times, those who haven’t walked a day in a volunteer’s shoes might find themselves frustrated. … Continue reading