RGI Lingo


This resource is meant to assist in orienting new employees to commonly used terminology in the RGI office and in the association industry. A PDF version of this document can be found here: RGI Lingo

Association Management Company (AMC): Raybourn Group International is an Association Management Company. An AMC provides professional management services for multiple client associations. Associations that do not utilize an AMC are a “captive”, which means they have their own staff that work only with that association. A benefit for an association to use an AMC is that AMCs can bring expertise which is drawn from managing multiple client organizations.

Knowledge Sharing Meetings (KSM): RGI hosts 6-8 round table discussions each year on various association management topics. Recent examples include hosting events that are ADA compliant, and training on Microsoft Teams. These meetings are hosted by volunteer RGI staff members. Each staff member is required to go to two KSMs each year, although most staff members go to more than that, as they are a great opportunity to learn new things. KSMs are generally held in the RGI Conference Room or via Microsoft Teams.

Accreditation: RGI is an Accredited AMC (Association Management Company). AMC Accreditation represents our commitment to standardized excellence for the associations we serve. AMC Institute (AMCI) developed a Standard of Good Practices for the Association Management Company industry.  The purpose of this Standard is two-fold: (1) to collectively enhance management practices across Association Management Companies (AMCs) and (2) to assist AMCs in the establishment of internal quality service systems. At the completion of the fourth year of certification, the review process must be repeated which involves the use of an independent reviewer such as an accounting firm or independent CPA. Our Policies and Procedures manual serves as the backbone for our recertification and compliance with these standards. Staff members may be asked to track specific items or provide information to those managing the accreditation process.

RGI Happy Hour: Like many staff engagement opportunities, RGI Happy Hours began shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic started and all staff worked remotely. This was a way for staff members to catch up with each other in an informal way. While many staff members have returned to the RGI office, Happy Hour has continued. RGI Happy Hour is held each Thursday at 4:00 – 4:30pm ET via Microsoft Teams. Various staff members run the Happy Hours and they mostly consist of fun quizzes or other types of games.

Monday Mornings with Millie (MMwM): Similar to the RGI Happy Hour, Monday Mornings with Millie became a fun RGI staple after the staff transitioned to remote work in 2020. Each association (e.g., NALS, SNEB, ISPLS…) is responsible for leading the Monday chats. They usually consist of a topic related video and a question for the attendees. This became a great opportunity for all staff to chat and get to know each other in non-work conversations.

Just for Fun Lunches: These lunches occur in the RGI Conference Room on the second Friday and fourth Wednesday of each month. They provide an opportunity for RGI staff to connect with each other, share stories, laugh, and generally have a great time. They are optional and attendees bring their own lunches.

Indiana Society of Association Executives (ISAE): ISAE is a full-service client of RGIs but it is also an organization that all employees of RGI are members of. ISAE serves to provide association professionals in Indiana with educational and networking opportunities, from Executive Directors to entry-level coordinators.

American Society of Association Executives (ASAE): Like ISAE, ASAE serves association professionals but at a national-wide level, rather than a state-wide level.

Basic Business Acronyms: Some of these may be utilized throughout the RGI office, others may not. Regardless, it may be helpful to be familiar with them.

  • OOO: Out of Office. Used in Teams status messages or Outlook calendars
  • EOD: End of Day. Generally used when referring to a deadline
  • EOY: End of Year. Primarily used related to finances or membership numbers
  • NRN: No Reply Needed. Used as an FYI, indicating there is no response necessary in an email thread
  • KPI: Key Performance Indicator: Critical indicators of progress towards a goal or intended outcome
  • ROI: Return on Investment. Used when referring to the efficiency of an investment (money, time, human capital)

Many people at RGI have worked hard to earn credentials, or qualifications, that validate they’ve taken an extra step in acquiring knowledge or skills, as it relates to their professional experience (a doctorate degree or PH. D is a credential). Below are some credentials that people at RGI hold:

  • CAE: Certified Association Executive. For committed association professionals that have demonstrated the wide range of knowledge essential to managing an association.
  • IOM: Institute for Organizational Management. Signifies completion of the IOM program developed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for association professionals, which shows they can build strong organizations and better serve their members.
  • CVA: Certified Valuation Analyst. Designation to Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) or those with substantial experience in business valuation.
  • CMP: Certified Meeting Professional. Certification that demonstrates enhanced knowledge and performance as a meeting professional and is the mark of excellence in comprehensive events management.
  • CMM: Certificate in Meeting Management. Represents the premier designation for distinguished meeting professionals and has become the business standard of excellence.
  • PMP: Project Management Professional. The top management certification that demonstrates skills at project management at the highest level.
  • CED: Certified Event Designer. Designates that the certificate holder has learned critical skills that enable them to design events based on stakeholder needs.
  • DES: Digital Event Strategist. Certificate that recognizes expertise at connecting people to brands, ideas, and opportunities through business events in a digital world.
  • MLD: Masters in Leadership Development. Denotes a higher level of expertise, service, and training in all areas of leadership and organization.