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Case Study

Recruitment webinar generates new members

SNEB hosts recruitment webinar that generates more than $3,000 in new membership

Challenge: The Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) aims to grow and maintain a dynamic society. The primary strategy to achieve this goal is by increasing membership and retention rates. As their partner, RGI joined SNEB in their search of uncovering new methods to grow their association.
Approach: RGI was instrumental in developing a recruitment webinar designed to help the society continue to thrive. Allocating a total expense of $350, RGI enlisted an accredited professor to present an industry-related topic during the webinar. To promote the recruitment tool, the RGI team integrated social media outreach, blog posts and email campaigns with marketing through current connections to raise awareness about the webinar and gain registrants.
Results: At registration, non-members were prompted to indicate if they wished to receive membership information. SNEB received 134 requests for information, which resulted in 24 new members from this webinar alone. Following the webinar, the recording was posted onto the SNEB website and the speaker’s blog. This tactic generated 64 requests of the recording. Of that audience, five more joined SNEB. In all, SNEB gained 29 new members from the effort, earned more than $3,000 in membership dues and made valuable contact with more than 1,000 nutrition education professionals and students who have now seen the value of the society.