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Case Study

Revamped newsletter saves money, wins awards

RGI’s cost-effective solution helps NCAC News become award-winning publication

Challenge: The National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC) has produced and distributed their newsletter, NCAC News, since 1975. The organization wanted to revitalize the newsletter to make it more reader-friendly while also cutting publishing costs.
Approach: To better serve the organization and its members, RGI conducted a survey of NCAC members. The results indicated the newsletter was still wanted and needed by a large majority of NCAC members. Using an in house editor and graphic designer, RGI redesigned and refreshed the newsletter to breathe new life into it. In addition, RGI used its connections to uncover considerable cost savings opportunities.
Results: After revamping the newsletter, NCAC was recognized as Outstanding Newsletter by the Indiana Society of Association Executives’ Annual STAR Awards. The newsletter moved from limited spot color to a full-color publication, while saving $11,000 on annual publishing costs due to RGI’s vendor connections. Advertisers submitted color artwork for their ads and were grateful to have the enhanced visibility at no additional cost. NCAC has gained two sponsors since the change and members are reacting positively to the reader-friendly changes.