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Case Study

Membership recruitment surpasses goals

Challenge: In an effort to increase steady membership numbers, ISAE’s board of directors partnered with RGI to develop a strategic plan with goals that focused on recruiting new members.

Approach: RGI staff was instrumental in implementing several tactics that when combined, helped ISAE’s membership roaster reach new heights. RGI worked with the ISAE Membership Committee to craft and contact a strategically targeted list of non-members, inviting them to events and sharing information about membership benefits. The Committee also introduced the Recruiter Club, an exclusive club that recognizes and rewards current members who recruit new ones. Lastly, ISAE offers considerable savings to each additional member within the same organization. ISAE saw an increase in this “3rd Member and Beyond” tiered membership level, revealing that organizations are encouraging their staff to join the thriving association.

Results: As a result of dedicated focus from RGI, the ISAE membership committee, board of directors, and staff, and from executing the tactics consistently throughout the year, ISAE surpassed its overall membership goal by 3%. Specifically, 20% of the year’s new members were referred by a current member.