Aimee Albright

Meetings Intern

Aimee Albright joined RGI as a Meetings Intern in June of 2022 after completing a previous internship in the IU School of Medicine Gift Development Office. She thrives in situations that allow her to think outside the box and work with others as a strong leader.

Aimee enjoys taking part in event planning and seeing how those efforts impact those in attendance. Aimee’s background includes working as a property manager, high school drama producer, stage manager, and production assistant for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s Yuletide celebration.

She is the President and Founder of The Melanie and Rosalie Albright (MRA) Foundation. MRA honors the memory of her daughter through providing scholarships for youth arts participation. In her free time, Aimee enjoys riding on the back of her husband’s motorcycle, utilizing her volunteer bartender license, and working with power tools to create unique items!